Double Lane Bungee Run

Double Lane Bungee Run

    • Actual Size: Height 10' Width 8' Length 37'
    • Setup Area: Height 10' Width 8' Length 37'
    • Outlets: 1-110v House Hold outlet
    • Age Group: 6 & up
    • Attendants: 1 Adult Required

    • $300.00
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Looking for a fun and exciting addition to your next event or party? Look no further than the Double Lane Bungee Run! This inflatable attraction is perfect for all ages and will have your guests competing in a thrilling race.

The Double Lane Bungee Run features two lanes, each with its own bungee cord and harness. Participants will strap themselves in and race down the inflatable runway, trying to place their marker as far down the lane as possible before being pulled back by the bungee cord.

Not only is the Double Lane Bungee Run a blast to play, but it also provides a great workout, as participants must use their strength and balance to stay on their feet and reach the end of the lane.

So why wait? Add the Double Lane Bungee Run to your next event and watch as your guests have a blast racing to the finish line!

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